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Sunday, May 15, 2011

mother's day

miy , mane miy pergi ;( nono miss mumiy :( miy datang balik dekat nono , i need you miy :( miy semua orang sambut hari ibu hanya nono saja tidak ;( nono rindu miy sangat :( kenapa miy buat macam ni :( miy , kenapa pergi macam tu je ? menghilangkan diri macam tu , miyyyy ! i need you :( only god know what i feel right now miy :( everybody celebrate mother's day but me :( i'm not miy you know what i really miss you until now . miy everynight i cried because of you . miy i wanna hug you like you did it to me when i was twelve years old , when you kiss me every morning when i wake up from my bed :( i begging you miy , how can you leave me when i was sick , miy please i really miss you miy , just wanna tell you miy HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY <3 i always remember you and i love you deep in my heart .TAKECARE <3 
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