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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

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my lovely doraemon :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

pretty girl ( yana )

yana sayang , thanks sebab tolong editkan blog i :) now dah nampak kemas lah sikit tidak hmm buruk jah :D btw thanks sangat-2 eh sayang <3 iloveyou honey . lawa header yang you buatkan dekat i ,thanks sangat bie . you banyak tolong , aww <3 thanks baby ;)

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iloeyou guys ,

sayang , iloveyousomuch bie :) thanks  cause make my life shiny :D bie , i hope we'r forever sayang . i hope that :D sayang , tak mahu curang-2 tahu , ingat nee :) bby sayang awak <3

friends , thanks cause be my FRIEND babe . thanks because you all tak samobong dengan i yeah :) melly , ng yvone swan , hui meimei ,yana valancessa , dyya danqer , farah kyra , hee young ain , sis kyoko , sa'dieya domo , fana elmo , bya fienta , gwen stefinie ,sis eyka ,syra bella , bubu liena , anna evans , muchie wen , amira evans , eyla evans , erkaa staver ,ekin , anis beylla , nana avallyn , lemon fashinee ,fee biyy ,puteri fasha , nadya syakirah ,namiku kitade , moi moi adilla ,echaa stella ,rara rara v' , baba momoka , yaya bearry and other's . thanks guys . sorry tak taip name korang bukan tak mahu tulis but panjang sangat kan :) HAHA . 
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

thanks for everything

 dear , thanks for everything :') i hargai you . thanks juga sebab always takecare pasal i and selalu layan i punya nonsense yang mengarut-2 :') thanks juga sebab sayang i , and bagi kasih sayang you :) thanks sangat2 sebab faham situation i no matter how . you tetap faham , thanks juga sebab everyday call i , text i and cakap benda yang sama dekat i " ILOVEYOU " you juga tak pernah bosan dengan i :) thanks for everyithing lah sayang :D i mengaku memang jarang lah BOYFRIEND macam you :) i hargai you , and i tahu i always make you brokenheart :') oh god i'm feel guilty at you and i wanna say SORRY :) i didn't mean it sayang . sorry . i hope you will happy with your new girlfriend later soon :D xD and takecare yourself . serious i'm tellin you that i'm cannot forget you and can't stop love you in my heart :) until now you still in my heart nobody in my heart :) thanks make my life shiny with you love <3
you know what my heart now tellin that i can't leave you :'( yes i can't serious . but we have did it too because i'm fearful that one day you will leave me :( how can i control my heart when you leave me ? and i afraid that your family will not accept me in your family :( oh god . i can't :( and i afraid too when you promise me anything but you can't full it your promise :) you are my love , my soul , my life and my memories :')

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

♥ - Lonely,習慣一個人的寂寞。

I will always remember the last time love .

Once , you loved me and i love you .
Our love is very sweet . With you I think I'm happiness in every time , every days.

Once , you said you want me to be your most beautiful bride .
I moved to tears , because of you .

Once , you gave me the surprised for our one month , ninety-nine heart-shaped candle  .
I'm in tears again , because of you .

Once , you said i am your treasure at hand , will always cherish me .
This is the third time I cry , because of you .

Forgot from when , we love start getting bad
You did not understand my feelings ,
I did not know what you want .

From now start the countdown at the end of our love ,
you still do not admit defeat stubborn ,

Are you really forget to do ?
you promised

Even if i capricious ,
Even if i bridle ,
Even if i be disappointed ,
Even if i vexatious ,

you said it , you always would never betray my love .
take care of me , love me , watch over me , forever .

Until ,
You said  i do not deserve for anyone to be treasured ,
You said you're bored our quarrel like this every day .
You said stay away from you , Because you do not trust me .

I cried , But only once at we turned away at the moment .
Because , Let me be afraid , Let me broken-hearted .
Always it's you .

I'm not turning back , give up all hope

Beginning ,
Our love is a mistake , does not deserve to be recalled .

I bet you lost。 你的赌注 输了我。

你 說過的話,就像 每一句深深烙在我心的痕。

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

mother's day

miy , mane miy pergi ;( nono miss mumiy :( miy datang balik dekat nono , i need you miy :( miy semua orang sambut hari ibu hanya nono saja tidak ;( nono rindu miy sangat :( kenapa miy buat macam ni :( miy , kenapa pergi macam tu je ? menghilangkan diri macam tu , miyyyy ! i need you :( only god know what i feel right now miy :( everybody celebrate mother's day but me :( i'm not miy you know what i really miss you until now . miy everynight i cried because of you . miy i wanna hug you like you did it to me when i was twelve years old , when you kiss me every morning when i wake up from my bed :( i begging you miy , how can you leave me when i was sick , miy please i really miss you miy , just wanna tell you miy HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY <3 i always remember you and i love you deep in my heart .TAKECARE <3 
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

prince william and kate middleton


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Friday, April 15, 2011

lappy lappy lappy :(

LAPPY ! why suka buat aku macam ini ? suka rosak ? emm :( baru je ambil hari tu , aiss kau  ne kan hempuk juga ! huwaa , lambat saje guna computer :( TAK SUKA ! benci ! lappy tak sayang aku ka ? :'( emm , macam-2 problem coming :'( huwaa !

hari tu gaduh dengan my husband :'( huwaa ! now sikit-2 gaduh ,problem kecil jadi besar .. macam dah mahu ***** :'( tak mahu ! i love my husband :'(  wo yuan hen sheng bu chi ben :'( wo shi diao wu zhang fu :( wei he yi bian geng :( ji shu qing bao fou lian wu ? haizz sokey <3 
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