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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

thanks for everything

 dear , thanks for everything :') i hargai you . thanks juga sebab always takecare pasal i and selalu layan i punya nonsense yang mengarut-2 :') thanks juga sebab sayang i , and bagi kasih sayang you :) thanks sangat2 sebab faham situation i no matter how . you tetap faham , thanks juga sebab everyday call i , text i and cakap benda yang sama dekat i " ILOVEYOU " you juga tak pernah bosan dengan i :) thanks for everyithing lah sayang :D i mengaku memang jarang lah BOYFRIEND macam you :) i hargai you , and i tahu i always make you brokenheart :') oh god i'm feel guilty at you and i wanna say SORRY :) i didn't mean it sayang . sorry . i hope you will happy with your new girlfriend later soon :D xD and takecare yourself . serious i'm tellin you that i'm cannot forget you and can't stop love you in my heart :) until now you still in my heart nobody in my heart :) thanks make my life shiny with you love <3
you know what my heart now tellin that i can't leave you :'( yes i can't serious . but we have did it too because i'm fearful that one day you will leave me :( how can i control my heart when you leave me ? and i afraid that your family will not accept me in your family :( oh god . i can't :( and i afraid too when you promise me anything but you can't full it your promise :) you are my love , my soul , my life and my memories :')

Thanks fer Reading (:

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